Scantex - OCR and PDF scanner

Scantex - OCR and PDF scanner





Scantex - OCR and PDF scanner

Scantex is a document scanner for mobile devices. It uses optical character recognition technology (OCR) to convert the photos from the device camera or the gallery into multi-page pdf document with selectable and searchable text while keeping document layout, text alignment, font sizes and even images. Alternatively you can extract plain text from the photo or convert the photo into image (non-searchable) PDF page.NOTE: In free demo mode, text+image PDF and OCR results cannot be saved. PDF background contains embedded watermark. Please purchase the unlock from inside the app to remove these limitations.For all issues and questions, get support by email:• Scantex document scanner OCR supports multiple languages. English is included with the app, additional language packs are available for free download. Language is not detected automatically - choose it from the app settings.Supported OCR languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.• OCR engine of Scantex document scanner can confidently handle a full page of printed text - speed and quality of the extraction depends on the contrast and the quality of the print.• All processing is done on device, without relying on a server - so you won't be depending on an internet connection and will not incur any charges while roaming.• Advanced image processing automatically corrects text rotation, perspective and skew, removes shadows, uneven lighting, spots and noise. As the result text alignment, clarity and readability in the image PDF document is greatly improved.• Page borders are determined automatically for the image alignment. • Scantex scanner allows you to edit the result of OCR scan - both in PDF and plain text mode.• Preview the image and select the region you want to save as PDF or extract the text from.• Choose paper size and margins for PDF file via application settings.• PDF pages can be re-arranged prior to saving.• Built-in image editor allows you to clean-up image background and enhance image by tuning brightness and contrast.• Scantex document scanner works without saving the image to the gallery and doesn't pollute your photo storage.• You can choose to use custom in-app camera control or default system camera application.• On-screen grid helps you align the text and turns green when the focus is locked.

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