Super Lion Simulator ™

Super Lion Simulator ™





Super Lion Simulator ™

Super Lion Simulator ™ is the latest action simulation game, where you are on a mission to cause ultimate destruction and chaos, frighten civilians, wreck stuff, gallop through buildings and million other goofy things.KEY FEATURES- Customize your own Lion: Multiple species to evolve health, attack, and endurance!- Advanced hunting experience: Use your razor sharp claws to attack- 30 quest levels to complete- Fast and action packed RPG-style gameplay - Gigantic freely accessible city for a great open-world experience- Beautiful and realistic high definition 3d graphics- Smooth & user-friendly controlsHOW TO PLAY- Take control of an angry wild lion: run, walk and do whatever you want using the left-bottom joystick.- Perform attack combos using the right-bottom button.- Follow the instructions given in each mission to complete challenges.- Health and energy bars will show at the upper-left of the screen.Download now and let the reckless adventure begin!PLEASE NOTE- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items- This game is not intended for children.- Advertising appears in this game.FOLLOW US atTwitter @RichflairStudiofacebook.comrichflairstudios

 Super Lion Simulator ™ appcom.richflair.superlionsimulator?from=spi-desc

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