Top Model - Dress Up and Makeup

Top Model - Dress Up and Makeup





Top Model - Dress Up and Makeup

Fashion is a great way to express your creativity!
Apply the best makeup and choose from the most fashionable clothes as you transform your supermodel into different looks for the fashion show!

To start, select your supermodel by tapping on her name. Treat the pretty girl at the spa with a refreshing facial. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize her face. Trim her eyebrows and apply eye strips under her eyes to remove puffiness.

Experiment with different looks for your model at the makeup salon. It’s fun using makeup to create new looks! Choose her hairstyle and eye color, then apply cosmetics like eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. Will you also do some face painting for today's fashion show? Finish with elegant jewelry and off she goes to the backstage dressing room.

Here you’ll try on various looks and trends – you'll find only the latest outfits and accessories in this dressing room! Mix and match clothes with silk scarves and tights.

Thanks to you, the model is now ready to walk to runway with confidence in front of all those people and cameras!

Game Features:
- Three beautiful levels: Spa, Makeup and Dress up
- Lots of stylish clothing and elegant makeup to try
- Mix and match to create the coolest fashion style!

By downloading this app you will be able to use some of the items for free. However, if you wish to use all of the items, you may purchase the full version.

 Top Model - Dress Up and Makeup

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