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Colony Avengers

Colony Avengers is 3 vs 3 Multiplayer FPS Game. You can connect other player and play game together!Let's play multiplay FPS with VR You can play with your friends, or other people. Up to 6 people can simultaneously connect to a game and play 3 vs 3 VR FPS games. you'll experience Dynamic battles. Show your skills! You need to have a Bluetooth controller (joystick) to play it. The currently supported Bluetooth controller (joystick) is the controller for XboxOne, Xbox360, Nvidia Shield, Moga Pro, Steel Series, Samsung Gamepad, Matricom, EX M AIR, EX Band, NYKO SYGNUS. If you have a controller (joystick) that you would like additional support for, please mail me. We will support you right away. It works only in a wifi environment built on a router that supports NAT. Most common router supports NAT environment, but can not play if not supported. Gear VR and GearVR Controller are supported by the Oculus Store.It is optimized for Galaxy S7, and Android 7.0 (5.0 and above). Single play is not supported. Thank you.

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